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Written by Beatriz Calero

Shirt is an eternal and timeless basic, a must-have inside any women´s wardrobe (and it is also a basic for men).

A minimalist and white shirt is always a right choice to any day-a-day outfit.
If you combine it with informal items, you can create a relaxed look, while if you mix it with elegant pieces you will have an absolutely sophisticated outfit. Ultimately, a basic shirt is always the solution to “what should I wear today?” and definitely we all should have one in our closet.

The so called Boyfriend fashion style, which is absolutely fashionable right now, is the perfect excuse to do what we always love to: to steal our boyfriend´s clothes such as sweaters, hoodies and tees, of course.

Even if we’ve never thought about it before, a masculine basic shirt can be transformed into many different pieces of clothing. Fashion could be absolutely creative and funny, and we shouldn’t be limited to the clothes we have in our wardrobe. The newest now is to reinvent the traditional items, a new concept known as Transformer Fashion.

Discover these 5 original ways to style your masculine shirt:


Do you know about the asymmetric and knotted skirts trend?
This new fashion trend may have its origin on the knotted shirts styled as a skirt. Couldn´t be more original, don´t you think? This is a really groundbreaking trend, just suitable for the more original and modern fashionistas.

Use your boyfriend, brother, or husband´s shirt as a dress. This is a really useful idea when you don´t have anything to wear. Even if this trend is perfect for the summer weather, it could be also suit your autumn´s outfits. Just combine it with thick tights and a pair of booties. And, voilà! You will have the perfect informal look for your day-a-day.

Backwards shirt:
We have recently seen many it girls use their masculine shirt backwards!
We absolutely love how this shirt looks from behind. Actually, a good option could be to add accessories, such as necklaces. Scroll up to the photo gallery to take a look.

Knotted and off-shoulder shirt:
This trend has been absolutely successful this past summer. In DressedIn, we love it. To show your collar bone couldn’t be more feminine and sexy.
Do you want to know how to style your Bardot shirt? It is really easy: You just have to steal your boyfriend shirt (it looks better when shirts are masculine and big), to make a knot above the belly and show off your shoulders. Spectacular!

This is possibly the most original way to styling your shirt. In this case, you will need to shirts. To get the look, you will have to be a little bit handy: put one shirt above the other and knotted with the form of a corset. A perfect look for the autumn weather!