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Written by Beatriz Calero

Right now, they are the queens of Spanish fashion, you follow them on Instagram and 21buttons because you love how they dress and, you copy all their outfits. Guess who are we talking about? YES, you guessed it right: We are talking about fashion influencers.

Actually, there is nothing like following these it-girls on Instagram in order to be aware of the fashion trends of the moment. But Instagrammers and bloggers such as Dulceida or Lovely Pepa wanted to go one step further. For that, they have started their own fashion companies and they aim to dress us from top to bottom.

Chiara Ferragni was the first International blogger in launching her own fashion label. Since then, many others have followed her path.

These are the 5 fashion firms made by influencers you need to know about:

  1. Dulceida Shop by Aida Domènech

The Spanish blogger with more followers on Instagram has her own label: She launched her own fragrance called “Mucho Amor” a few years ago, she organises her own music and lifestyle festival, and now, she owns a fashion label named Dulceida Shop. Aida, born and raised in Barcelona, has a unique fashion style, which could be defined as comfy and really trendy. At Dulceida Shop you could find all these clothes and items Aida could be wearing during her day-a-day and to party out.! The best is that the prices are quite affordable. For the moment she does not sell at physical stores but just at her website and itinerant pop up stores and corners.

  1. Lovely Pepa Collection

Alexandra Pereira is also one of most popular bloggers in Spain and one of the most International ones. After collaborating with many designers and firms, she decided to launch her own fashion brand a year ago. At Lovely Pepa Collection you will find casual and boho blouses, dresses and skirts. Alexandra´s designs are inspired in her journeys around the world, and all the items and clothes are named under a city or country. Cool, huh? Lovely Pepa Collection will become your new favourite (e)shopping place if you are looking for quality, feminine and exclusive outfits!

  1. Laagam by Inés Arroyo

Laagam leitmotif is “Buy better, wear more”. With this motto, Instagrammer Inés Arroyo and her team want to develop a new way of shopping that consists on buying more quality clothes and items and less fast fashion. Laagam collections are really avant-garde and fashionable. Now, they even have a physical store in Barcelona, so if you live there or you are visiting the city you may want to take a look!

  1. Mypeeptoeshop by Paula Ordovás

My peeptoes Shop is a little bit different to the other instagrammers websites. First, at Paula Ordovás´ e-commerce you won’t find only fashion but also decoration or gastronomic items. Also, at my peeptoes shop you will be able to find many items from different Spanish and International designers and just a few made by the Spanish blogger. Therefore, her e-commerce is more like an online concept store that includes everything that Paula loves about fashion, deco and healthy food! If you love her lifestyle you will definitely love every item at her web!

  1. Tipitent by María Pombo

Every fashion item you will find at Tipitent is funny and original. Maria Pombo and her team (her sister, brother in law and her boyfriend) sell comfy and basic items printed with happy and funny messages and drawings: Palm trees, french fries, etc. The best about Tipitent is that most of the items are unisex and they are really affordable! If you are looking for a young, comfy and funny brand to dress in your day a day, you will love Tipitent!

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