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This market in Barcelona is really curious and interesting. First, because they organize the so-called “everything for 1 euro”, in which the main requirement is, of course, to sell and buy everything for no more than this price.

On the other hand, the Two Market organizers change sometimes the location of the market (but it is always inside Barcelona).

Two Market is probably the most important market in Barcelona regarding fashion, and more specifically, regarding vintage fashion. Furthermore, the market is organized within the Piknik Electronik Festival, where young and talented fashion designers present their collections.

The main requirement for designers to participate at the festival is that, their design (or designs) has something reusable or it leads to a second use. The most important is to give a “second life” to the things they create.

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When: Every first Sunday of the month

Where: Ovella Negra, Carrer de Zamora 78

How to get there: walking through the centre or metro line b20 or b25

More information:

Ovella Negra, Carrer de Zamora 78