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Written by Beatriz Calero

2017-2018 fashion is about taking risks: sock-boots, XXL silhouettes and volumes, clothes in red, and anything that is different and unique. Regarding bags, the trend right now is about fanny packs. Say goodbye to your maxi bags and embrace this comfy trend (if you dare)!

Although fanny packs (also known as belt pouches) have been traditionally used by tourists or as an accessory exclusively used to attend music festivals or to do sport, they have become one of most fashionable accessories of the moment!

The Fanny Pack is not longer a sporty item but a glamorous and trendy accessory many celebrities and influencers are already adding to their looks. Kendall Jenner, Lovely Pepa or Paula Echevarría are just some of the fashionistas who love to match their street style outfits with a fanny pack!

We couldn´t love more this trend which is not only super cool and modern, but it is also quite comfortable. If you choose to wear a fanny pack instead of a regular bag, it will keep your hands free all day long. Also, you can wear your belt pouch in many different ways: like a shoulder bag, like a belt around your waist, etc. Many of the fanny packs you can purchase in the shops are really versatile as they can be used as a clutch and as a fanny pack at the same time!

Take a look to the different fanny packs we have selected for you and choose your favourite:

Classic fanny packs!

Today, all High Fashion brands have their own version of the fanny pack. However, Gucci´s fanny packs are the most wanted ones between fashionistas! Which one is your favourite?


Evening fanny packs!

Who said belt pouches were just for the daytime? We have been digging and we found fanny packs which are perfect to use during your evening and night events: with sequins, in red velvet or in metallic colours. Definitely the perfect touch for your evening outfits!


Sporty fanny packs!

On the other hand, if you want to make your elegant look a little bit more casual, it is a good idea to match it with a sporty fanny pack! Our advise is that you mix athleisure fanny packs with classic items such as a trench or a masculine suit. If Bella Hadid can do it, you can too!