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Written by Laura Antolín

Tall women wished to be shorter, and short women wished to be taller. The same happens with your hair: when you have it straight, you want waves, and when you have curly hair, you would wish to have it straight. Why is it that women always want what they can’t have? No clue, but it doesn’t matter. Whatever way we look like, we’ll always find faults. It is a fact of life!

Today, in DressedIn Barcelona we focus on one of these — almost — impossible illusions: how petite can wear the so trendy oversized clothes without looking even shorter. Are we being too naive? Well, we’ll take it as a compliment! Stay alert, because if you identify yourself with the term “petite” — understood as women who stand under 5-foot-4 —, you’ll find the next tips to wear oversized clothing very useful.

Choose your one and only oversized piece. Whenever you try to pull off an oversized-inspired outfit, don’t go too far with the extra-large clothes. For example, if you want to wear oversized clothing on top, then match with slim fitting bottoms. Choose always one single oversized piece, not an oversized shirt under an oversized jumper, for instance. Balance is key.

Show some skin. You may wear oversized clothing, but you don’t want to look like you are trapped in your own clothes, or swallowed up in a bunch of fabrics that don’t even let you be seen. Showing some elbow, neckline or wrist will make you look more natural and will give your figure presence and harmony. From fitted sweaters at your wrists to cropped pants, it’s these little tips that can make a difference when rocking an oversized look.

Play with proportions, but get them right. An oversized outfit where the seams and the curves are all misplaced will play against you, like if you had just shopped the wrong size, a very common mistake when wearing oversized clothes. Get extra-large pieces, yes, but with the right proportions according to your measures. A few hacks? Avoid details, such as knee holes and bust darts. That way, you won’t need to deal with the tricky placements.

Cinch it in. Give shape to your oversized piece — and your body — by cinching it in at the waist. You can wear high waist pants with a belt, or show your style manners by tucking in an oversized top or T-shirt. This practice is a basic in every fashionista manual!

Add height. Every time you want to boast of slim figure, put on a pair of high-heels. They are chic and they will give you that bit of proportion that sometimes gets missed when pulling off an oversized outfit. An old trick to lengthen silhouettes that never fails.

The oversized trend is super comfy, but it isn’t always the most flattering, especially if you are petite. But with the tips above, pulling it off will be a piece of cake!