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Written by Beatriz Calero

Today was the last day of 080 Barcelona Fashion, Catalunya´s most important fashion event, and one of most successful events in the whole country!

A total of 37 designers and fashion firms have launched their collections for spring/summer 2018 during the 20th edition of Barcelona´s catwalk.

On this occasion and to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the catwalk, organisers have decided to go for an event that understands fashion beyond the catwalk. In order to integrate the different fields of fashion, they have arranged activities such as talks, contests and outdoor markets!

Vetements founder Demna Gvasali himself said that “fashion is much more than just a catwalk, stereotypes or standards of beauty imposed by society”. This powerful message has got through the fashion industry, and many designers and shops are already working with real models and advertisement campaigns!

This last 080 Barcelona edition has followed Vetements´standards by organising an ambitious and extensive programme full of fashion-related activities. This last edition aims to create a precedent, and to create a more complete event out of 080 Barcelona Fashion!

Even if 080 Barcelona is specially known for launching young designers collections, this year we have seen a balanced number of emerging talents but also quite veteran designers and firms. Inside the first group we find newcomers as Mietis, Colmillo de Morsa or Maria Roch. Among the veteran designers we find Custo Barcelona or Escorpion among others.

One of our favourite parts of 080 BCN June´s catwalk is the swimwear fashion show, which makes us feel closer to summer holidays! Two of our favourite swimwear brands from 080 Barcelona are: The young firm “Como un pez en el Agua”, that always astonishes the public with amazing performances, surprising make up and hairstyles, and with fresh and modern designs, and the well-known designer Guillermina Baeza, who always creates more classic, sophisticated and feminine designs.

Another new initiative from this edition are the so-called “Noches del 080”, a number of evening events celebrated at the end of the shows, just allowed for party lovers!

Fashionistas could mingle with each others while enjoying concerts, life shows and, of course, the 20th anniversary party that took place the first day of the catwalk!

Do you want to know everything about trends for next summer? Stay tune to DressedIn because we will be telling you everything about it!

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