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Written by Beatriz Calero

Every great story has a beginning, and Adidas´one started in August, 18th, 1949. This is the exact date in which Adolf (more known under his nickname “Adi”) Dassler legally founded and registered his brand Adidas!
However, Adidas´history dates back it was in the early 20s when the Dassler brothers, Adi and Rudolf, started to create sneakers and footwear for athletes.

Today we celebrate the 68th anniversary of the brand (legal) creation and we want to do it by remembering the history of one of our favourite sporty and sneakers brands:

Few people know the history behind the brand Adidas. For example, did you know that the name “Adidas” has its origin in the combination of “Adi” (the nick name of Adolf) and “Das” (the beginning of his surname)?
To understand the complex story of Adidas it´s important to start right by the beginning:

Adidas story started in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. The Dassler brothers registered there the “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” in 1924, which was the first name given to the company. Dassler brothers´aim was to dress athletes and they started with the German Track Team. Their first strategy consisted on dressing famous and popular athletes in order to become known worldwide. Their very first success came hand in hand with Jesse Owens, who was considered the star athlete of the 1936 Olympic Games!

Second miracle for Adidas took place in 1952, when the German national football team won the World Cup. This victory was heard around the world for decades, and guess what? Football players from the German team were wearing Adidas football boots! Thanks to this event Adidas created a new business niche: the football industry!
However, this was not the only football item that the brand designed: In 1970, Adidas delivered the official ball, TELSTAR, for the FIFA World Cup!

In 1972, Adidas created their logo known under the name of “Trefoil”. This logo has remained in use until today!
Some years later, in 1978, creator of the brand Adi Dassler passes out. Therefore, Adi´s son, Horst, took control of the firm alongside his mother Käthe. They together continued his legacy and promoted innovation, and a modern marketing strategy approach.!

Major leap of the company towards technology and innovation took place in 1984, when Adidas introduced the first computer on sneakers! This may sound “normal” today but it was a real challenge and novelty during the 80s and people were quite shocked and surprised! This computer was used to measure athletes performances while training!

During the 00s, lots of changes took place within the company. Both Horst and Käthe died, so many different CEOs had to deal with the job. Although the company went through bad times, they made it and overcame the crisis!

It was in 2011 when Adidas finally brought together the fields of sport and fashion. Since that year the brand offers apparel and footwear for every sport, every fashion, every style, whether you are an athlete or fashionista!

It is undoubtedly that best thing about Adidas is its capacity of adaptation and evolution. Even if the brand was first aimed to dress athletes, today Adidas also stands for lifestyle and street looks. In fact, some of Adidas sneakers such as the so-called “Superstar” or the “Stan Smith” are a must-have between fashionistas for some years now!
Also, Adidas have always been able to use technology in order to create innovate products. We could say that Adidas is always looking ahead to the future, and this is probably the key for their great success!