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Written by Beatriz Calero

After dramatically changing our way of shopping online, the e-commerce giant Amazon, launches now Amazon Fashion, also known as Amazon Boutique.

It is true that Amazon was already selling some clothes online before, but while their main focus was on books and technology items, Amazon has decided to shift towards a more fashionable approach now. Therefore, if Amazon is one of your must shopping websites, expect to add quite a lot of fashion articles to your shopping basket (and whishlist) now!

Dolores Promesas, Etxart&Panno, Tous or Michael Kors  and SJP shoes (oh yes, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe brand!) are just some of the brands you will be able to find at Amazon Fashion. Latest addition to their fashion shopping catalogue it is actually their first properly fashion brand, named as Find.

This new fashion firm has everything that is trendy right now: From masculine suits and trenches to sock-boots. Find collections are inspired by street-style looks and their prices are really affordable!

If you like shopping in Asos, H&M or Zara, Amazon´s new brand, Find, will definitely become your new shopping favourite regarding online shopping!

Another of last Amazon Fashion introductions is their service Prime Wardrobe. Thanks to this service, premium customers have the opportunity to try on the clothes they like before to buy them. This way, Amazon sends you the items to your doorstep and customers can decide if they like to purchase them or if they prefer to return them instead.

The company decided to launch Amazon Fashion in order to fulfil their customers´needs. They noticed many of their buyers had a deep interest in low cost, trendy-oriented fashion, and that is why they decided to improve their fashion offer. As you know, anything Amazon touches instantly becomes gold, and we are pretty sure same will happen with their current fashion investment.

When it comes to clothes, maybe Amazon was not the first place you would think of, but we truly believe their Find collection as well as all their new fashion services will change your mind.

Check out Amazon Boutique here and click here to discover their collection Find.


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