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Written by Augusta Adriasola

Barcelona is known for its beaches and party scene, but it is also a prominent fashion capital in Europe. Mainly thanks to tourism, tons of brands – from luxury to fast fashion – have opened stores in the Catalan capital in the past few years, offering a wide range of options for all tastes. And it’s not only about big names, Barcelona is also known for its artistic scene which includes local fashion designers with original and very interesting designs.

As the cosmopolitan city that Barcelona is, where locals collide with students from all over the world and tourists, its style is as eclectic as the architecture. And so each neighbourhood has its own identity: Grácia is bohemian, L’Eixample is classic, El Raval is cool, el Gótico is diverse and Barceloneta more chilled. All of them offer a particular shopping experience worth knowing.

The street Passeig de Grácia, that goes from Avenida Diagonal to Plaza Catalunya, is a must stop and a touristic attraction itself. Barcelona’s very own Fifth Avenue or Champs Élysées, Passeig de Grácia gathers in its long blocks a selection of very diverse brands. In between Gaudí’s amazing constructions like La Pedrera and Casa Batlló you will find Chanel, Hermés, Prada and Saint Laurent among many others, and while you continue walking down the street you will find fast fashions stores such as Mango, H&M, & Other Stories and Zara. At the very end of the street and next to Plaza Catalunya a seven-floor El Corte Inglés building rises.

The tour continues in Portal de l’Ángel, in el Gótico, one of the most touristic areas. There the offer is mainly about fast fashion, accessories and a few lingerie stores at very good prices. All the streets that surround the area have some small stores and lead to the right to Las Ramblas and El Raval, and to the left to El Born. Both El Gótico and El Born are the perfect location for those looking for independent cool brands, while El Raval is the ideal area for vintage shopping.

Going up to the north of the city, in Grácia and Sant Gervasí, you will also find independent designers: Grácia is more artistic and Sant Gervasí is fancier, both are great options to go shopping to quieter areas. Whatever neighbourhood it is, Barcelona is a city to enjoy outside and even though there are a few shopping centres, there is nothing better than hopping from store to store while enjoying the beautiful landscape.