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Written by Beatriz Calero

As you know, fashion´s industry has dramatically changed during the last years thanks to social networks and digital shopping´s proliferation. Now it is possible, not only to browse through our favourite designers webs to discover their collections, but also to shop anything we like at any time.

Therefore, new technologies such as shopping e-commerces or fashion apps, have A LOT of advantages for busy (or lazy) fashionistas who can´t spend time shopping in the traditional way.

However, it is true that shopping is not only about acquiring new clothes but it´s also considered as an emotional experience. If you think about it, there is nothing like buying a pair of new shoes when you are feeling blue, right?

This is why Luxury shops such as Chanel haven´t taken advantage of these technologies until the moment. They wanted to preserve the retail shopping experience they provide to their customers and this is something you kind of lose with digital shopping.

This is precisely why Chanel, the most important luxury brand of all times, and Farfetch, most used fashion website right now, intent to do together. However, there is something Chanel has made clear right from the start: They don´t intend to sell luxury goods online! They will just take advantage of Farfetch´s unique technology in order to improve their customers´shopping experience at their boutiques!

We are not certain yet about what Chanel exactly intents to do, but they have stated that they want to use augmented and virtual reality at their shops to surprise their customers and to transform customers shopping experience into a magical journey!

For that, the brands have combined the French fashion house’s experience in luxury retailing and the fashion website´s knowledge of digital technology with the intention of delivering a more personalised and strongest experience both in-store and online! AMAZING, huh?

Fashion President of Chanel Bruno Pavlovsky said, “We are very enthusiastic about this Innovation Partnership and look forward to implementing the first steps of our projects together. We want to offer our clients the opportunity to further experience the brand values and to feel something which is authentic and unique to Chanel.”

Well, we are definitely looking forward to know more about this project. If you feel the same, remember to stay tune to DressedIn because we will keep you posted!

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