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Written by Beatriz Calero

We are fortunate to have some of the coolest and most special fashion shows on Ibiza. And this summer, we were so lucky to attend one of the most popular ones: The fashion and lifestyle event “What Women Want” by Nikki Beach Ibiza.

Some of the biggest names in fashion have participated in Nikki Beach´s What Women Want events, spanning brands like Valentino, Herve Leger or French Connection, among others.

At the last “What Women Want” Nikki Beach event we discovered the designer-brand Feather and Bone: An English fashion brand totally in tune with Ibiza´s spirit, that it´s now, among our favorite shops!

Fashion designer Carol Mckeown launched Feather & Bone in 2012, after closing her previous fashion brand Baby Ceylon.
Carol uses a specialized dying process to create timeless and easy pieces, which are made with love in London. Some of her designs are limited edition, to which she adds ancient laces or textiles she finds during her trips around the world.
Feather and Bone collections include beautiful clothes and accessories (both for summer and winter) really in harmony with Ibiza´s bohemian and free fashion style, including quality jewellery – in gold and silver – by British Jewellery brands such as the London designer Maya Magal.

The English brand stands for decadent, casual and minimalist pieces, both easy to wash and iron and to wear. The simplicity of the clothes fits perfectly with the luxurious and elegant accessories line of the brand. The result couldn´t be defined better than as: the perfect effortless chic style.

We have come out with two situations in which you definitely should wear Feather and Bone clothes (plus accessories):

If you have a romantic date or a chic girl´s night out, go for one of their light and feminine blouses, and combine it with their fabulous suede skirts.

Another cool occasion to wear a Feather and Bone outfit would be a Music Festival or a concert. Some of their dresses, tunics and jumpsuits are simply an amazing choice for this type of events!

What it is sure, is that Feather and Bone was made to dress the most lady, romantic and classy styles!

Feather and Bone is nowadays one of the most important online fashion retailers, and their popularity is increasing more and more, with devotees that include fashion editors, celebrities and musicians.

So, take note, and don´t forget to put Feather and Bone in your online fashion shopping list!