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Written by Beatriz Calero

As you already know, Christmas shopping is one of the most stressful but appealing things in the world. We have already given our presents on the 25th, but we still have to deal with the Three Kings Day gifts (also known as the Epiphany, is a key and traditional day on the Christmas calendar in Spain and South America that many other countries are also starting to celebrate), as well as with the January sales.

You probably know all the shops from your city by heart, and you are looking for a totally new shopping experience. We have a solution for you: The Christmas pop-up stores and markets! And some of the coolest ones are located in Madrid.

Pop-up stores are ephemeral shops that open during specific times. Christmas ones, of course, open around the 12th of December and tend to close in January. These stores are really beautiful and big, but also quite comfortable and useful, as you will be able to find everything you want – from clothes, to furniture or beauty products- in the same space, and almost all the gifts they sell have a Christmas motif! Isn’t cool?

Today, we reveal you some of our favourite concept stores and markets in the Spanish capital:

The Hovse: It is probably the most known pop-up store between bloggers and influencers. The Hovse is built inside a three floors (and a rooftop) house, and this year they are selling more than 80 exclusive brands, including furniture, clothes, books, jewels, flowers, gourmet products and toys, among others.
It is located at the Salamanca area in Madrid, one of the best ones in the city.

The Craftwork fair at La Plaza de España: This open-air market is located just near the centre of the city (Puerta del Sol), and it sells crafted pieces such as leather bags, handmade accessories or home made Christmas sweets.

El Gato Market: This cosy market is not only famous because of the exclusive products (vintage fashion, art, jewellery, furniture, or beauty products) they sell, but also because of their marvellous decorations, their life music and the art exhibitions they organize.

Pop Up Chic: This store is not only temporary, but it is also itinerant, which means that it will be moving from different spaces inside Madrid until its closing the 6th of January. As its name suggests, this pop-up store selects the trendiest and most glamorous brands both from Spain and from abroad.

Motores Market: A place to shop, eat, drink, listen to music, walk around, and, to contemplate trains! The Motores Market is located at one of the oldest and most beautiful train stations in Madrid, and many of the brands and designers that we love from Ibiza sell their products here!

Las Rozas Village: It is the leading luxury outlet in Madrid, and one of the most popular ones in Spain. There, you will be able to find the entire key National and International brands at quite affordable prices. The perfect place to buy designer clothes without spending a fortune!