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Barcelona is a great shopping location. Apart from the grand selection of general fashion stores all over the city, Barcelona offers a fantastic range of outlet shops for everyone who loves brands and even more low prices.

1. Heron City Barcelona
The Heron City Barcelona is a small mall in the city centre of Barcelona where you can find outlet stores of ready-to-wear brands such as Bershka, Mango and lefties (basically lefties is the outlet store of the Inditex group). Enjoy a discount of up to 70%!

2. The Style Outlets
Located a 15 minutes bus ride outside of the city centre of Barcelona you can find the Viladecans – The Style Outlets, an outlet centre with ready-to-wear brands such as Desigual, Adidas, Converse, Gant, Nike and even L’ORÉAL PARiS. The centre is open from 09:00 am – 09:00 pm, which gives you 12 hours for a great shopping marathon. And don’t forget, you save loads of money thanks to the discounts! What a great investment, isn’t it? 😉

3. Mango outlets
Sometimes it seems like Barcelona is THE city of Mango outlet stores. They are all over the city and make Barcelona a perfect shopping destination for Mango lovers.
There is one Mango outlet in the ‘Heron City Barcelona’ mentioned above, but also a big one in C. Girona 37, 08010 Barcelona and another big one directly next to La Roca Village, which brings us to the next great shopping destination for outlet lovers:

4. La Roca Village
La Roca Village is actually a real outlet village with outlet stores of grand designer brands like Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Bimba & Lola, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, just to name a few. A few months ago even a Prada outlet opened its doors at the La Roca Village. Yes, we know, only reading this keeps your pulse rising rapidly, right?
Read our article about La Roca Village here to get all shopping hacks for this outlet paradise.

5. Burberry Factory Shop
There is the Factory Shop of Burberry at C. Valencia 640 with discounts up to 70%. There you can find clothes for women, men and even children. So, if Burberry is the only brand you love, you do not even have to leave the city centre and save loads of money.