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Written by Beatriz Calero

If there is an event Spanish and International fashionistas never miss in Madrid, this is the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

Most glamorous celebs, bloggers and fashion experts know how important is to attend and to be seen at the most important event of the Spanish Fashion Industry, in order to be the first ones in getting to know the trends for the next seasons, and to melt together with people of the textile industry.

The MBFW is, without any doubt, the largest platform to promote Spanish Fashion within the International scene, gathering for this purpose the best current International designers of the Country at the capital.

Last edition, that showcased the fashion trends for autumn/winter 2016-2017, finished last 23rd of February, and counted with a total of 43 designers, was a total blast! Want to know why?

One of most awaited and remarkable issues of this edition was Felipe Varela (Spanish Queen´s favorite designer) and Jorge Vázquez comeback to the catwalk. On the other hand, the brand ManéMané joined the Spanish runway for the first time.

MBFW Madrid 2016 has left us hundreds of original, talented and powerful fashion ideas and trends for next seasons, but if there was something all the designers shared in their collections was the conception of a strong, courageous and independent woman.

Here, a little review of what we will be wearing next autumn/winter according to the most important Spanish designers:

Fur, fur and fur (both real and fake one): Both in small touches like in Agatha Ruiz de la Prada´s fur bags or in Francis Montesinos´ stoles, or in big fluffy and cozy coats, fur was the great success of the Madrid Fashion Week.
Fake in some cases and faux in other occasions, designers are using fur accents to give the wintery looks an added touch of luxury and elegance. The key to nail your fur looks next winter? Keep it colourful and statement!


“British School” outfit: The music icon David Bowie has been the major influence and inspiration for many of the MBFW Madrid Fashion Week collections. The result was a 70s British and Glam aesthetic full of shimmer, “Scottish Squares” skirts and trenches.
We absolutely love this look, which is actually the favourite one of celebrities and fashionistas such as Alexa Chung or Kate Moss. Do you know how to rock it? You just need to combine some masculine clothes with school inspired items! Take a look:


Gold and champagne tones for your night outfits: Almost all the MBFW Madrid designers have agreed in something: Gold will be the trendiest color for your nights next winter!
We have seen this color range (on top of the catwalk) in all its tonalities, from the most discrete beige to the champagne tone and the most outstanding gold.
Next winter we won´t have to wait until New Year´s Eve to shine out in gold, because this color will be allowed for every night! Our advice? Rock the gold color in a total look!


Camouflage and military look: This “eternal” style will be the perfect one for your day-a-day looks next autumn/winter!
Despite the fact that this trend has its basics (the khaki color, the camouflage print, etc.) the coolest thing about it is that it keeps on updating every year, by offering always new colors, cuts, shapes, fabrics and musts!
What is the most important for you to know about the military trend for autumn/winter 2016/2017?
In first place, the camouflage print will be decorating the most spectacular and glamorous couture gowns, as we have seen in Felipe Varela´s collection.
And, last but no least, the star piece of this style for next year will be the Bomber.


Mix of all the fabrics and materials: We could say that this last edition of the MBFW Madrid Fashion Show was almost as focused in materials and fabrics as it was in trends.
Spanish designers wanted to prove and to show their “savoir faire”. For that, they have employed rich and quality materials and artisanal processes.
The result was a wide variety of fabrics and materials that they´ve decided to use together in order to create a trend. Mix lace and cotton, mohair and tulle. Everything will be allowed!



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