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Written by Augusta Adriasola

The centre of Barcelona may be full of high fashion brands such as Chanel, Valentino and Saint Laurent, but among them there are also a bunch of local luxury stores that prove that Barcelona also knows about good design. All of them are well-known in both the local scene and abroad, participating in international fashion weeks like New York and London. Each one of them with its own unique style – some more colourful, some more conceptual –, but they all share a strong Catalan identity that for sure makes them stand out in the international scene. With 080 Barcelona Fashion Week just around the corner (stay tuned for more news about that!), it is about time to get to know these 5 designers that are definitely putting Barcelona in the fashion map!

1.- Custo Barcelona is probably one of the most famous brands from the Catalan capital, created in the 80’s by Custo Dalmau. Showing twice a year at the New York Fashion Week as well as 080 Barcelona, Custo Barcelona is known for its colourful aesthetics that have conquered both Spain and the rest of the world. Its collections include a wide range of products going from womenswear and menswear to all kinds of accessories.

Stores in Barcelona: Carrer de La Rambla, 10; Plaça del Pi, 2; Plaça de les Olles, 7; Carrer de Valencia, 245; El Prat airport.

2.- Sita Murt: a family business created by Sita Murt herself, and now runned by her children, the brand is known for its delicate and feminine pieces. Sold internationally in more than 40 countries, Sita Murt also has its store in Barcelona just meters away from Passeig de Gràcia, where you will be able to shop their latest collections, including their well-known knitted sweaters and coats.

Stores in Barcelona: Carrer de Mallorca, 242; Mestre Nicolau, 18.

3.- Brain & Beast: rebellious and conceptual, this brand definitely knows how to stand out from the rest. With a strong influence on contemporary culture, Brain & Beast is known for its original and genderless designs, combining both sense of humour and elegance. Their fashion shows are definitely an experience, whether they are interventions or featuring normal people instead of models, Brain & Beast for sure makes an impact no matter the season.

Stores in Barcelona: Carrer Canvis Nous, 10

4.- Krizia Robustella describes herself as original and avant-garde, two adjectives that for sure fit the brand. Defined by her “sport deluxe” aesthetic, Krizia takes the sportswear trend to a whole new level by creating her own creative universe that is both luxurious and athletic, as well as comfortable. A classic of the 080 Barcelona runway, her show is no short of fun, owning up to her colourful designs for both men and women.

Store in Barcelona: Sant Pere Mes Alt, 50

5.- Txell Miras: even though this brand was created in 2004, it has already participated in London Fashion Week and won several prices around the world. No wonder though, since Txell Miras’ designs perfectly mix concept and functionality season after season. Her designs celebrate pure forms and a minimalist style, going for simple and geometric creations that aren’t for everyone, but for women who have tons of attitude. Another must-see at the 080 Barcelona schedule, her shows never lack of admiration from the audience and its strong aesthetics and styling will for sure make you fall in love with the brand, too.

Store in Barcelona: Carrer de Valencia, 229