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Written by Beatriz Calero

Crazy about the beauty universe? As the fashionistas we are, we believe that the appropriate beauty look (from the hairstyle to the make-up and the manicure) is the perfect complement to a trendy and sophisticated fashion outfit! Therefore, it is mandatory to be up to date about latest trends regarding the beauty and aesthetic universe!

Beauty fairs are the perfect events to understand better the beauty universe as well as to discover everything what´s new in the industry. As you know, the DressedIn Madrid team visited the Salon Look fair in Madrid some months ago. Today we want to introduce you a new beauty fair taking place in Barcelona: Cosmobeauty Barcelona.

Cosmobeauty Barcelona celebrated its first edition (ever) last weekend (from the 1st to the 3rd of April) and, according to the organisers the event was a total blast with more than 50.000 visitors, 350 exhibitors, 1.100 brands and dozens of life exhibitions and shows!

However, the Cosmobeauty concept is not new at all. Two of the most important beauty fairs in Spain, Cosmobelleza and STS Beauty Barcelona merged to create what it is today known as Cosmobeauty Barcelona.

You didn´t have the chance to assist to Cosmobeauty? We give you all the keys:

The first edition of Cosmobeauty was celebrated at the popular fairground known as Fira Barcelona, where most fashion, shopping and beauty events in the city usually take place. There, visitors could discover all the trends and news regarding the beauty universe, from the aesthetic world to the healthy and fit life, hairstyle, manicure, and make up sectors.

Besides the different exhibition stands, the organisers had several surprises prepared for the visitors:

The so-called “Collage Show Solidario”, a life show where some of the most important professionals of the beauty world in Spain introduced their news in the field, at the same time as the raised funds for charity causes.; The “Vida Estética” Awards, a key moment of the event in which some of the professionals are awarded because of their talent and avant-garde work; The Beauty Catwalk, a show in which models walked down the runway showcasing different beauty looks (hairstyles and make-up); And, the different congresses and talks regarding beauty innovations. One of the most important ones was the one regarding micropigmentation, a beauty technique really used nowadays to correct scars or to improve the eyebrows shapes (among other uses).

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