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Written by Augusta Adriasola

Barcelona may be one of the favourite cities for major brands to open their stores, but it is also a perfect destination to do vintage shopping. From El Raval to Sant Gervasí, there is a wide range of options, from luxury to second hand, always offering original garments for all tastes and at different prices.


Just like the city’s neighbourhoods, the style of the vintage stores varies with each area. In Sant Gervasí and near Passeig de Gracia, you will fin the most exclusive vintage selection, with a price in line. Going to Cotton Vintage (Laforja, 96) means accessing the closet of some of the most elegant women in the high area of Barcelona, where Prada bags are in abundant and Chanel accessories are a must. Although clothing is not their forte, it is the ideal place to shop for luxury complements at prices that go from 300 euros for a pair of Valentino shoes to 3.000 and more for a Hermès bag.

But not everything is luxury. If your budget if (much) lower, then the area El Raval concentrates the biggest amount of vintage shops at accessible prices. Carrer dels Tallers is the go-to street for vintage lovers and the store Holala is a must stop. The enormous venue sells clothing and accessories for both women and men, from real vintage designs to crazy retro looks, aside from a perfect selection of denim.

A few meters away you will find Flamingos Vintage (Carrer de Ferlandina, 20) where clothes are sold by kilo’s. Here you will have to take time to look and search, because the garments are in abundance but with a little bit of patience you will find some real vintage treasures. If you can’t find anything there, you can walk just a few meters to the other Flamingos store in Carrer dels Tallers, 31, a little less spacious but still very rich in terms of clothing. But the best Flamingos shop is crossing Las Ramblas, in El Gótico (Carrer d’Avinyó, 24), defined as a hybrid between a store, a bar and a club: in the mornings Flamingos Vintage Kilo, in the afternoon a bar that sells natural juices and sushi, and at night a club with live performances.


One of Barcelona’s main attractions, and even more now with summer coming, are vintage markets. Every weekend there is a different one and on Sundays, with most of the stores closed, there is no better plan that going to a market for vintage shopping! It is important to know that most of the items that are sold there are second hand or previously owned, as people tend to go there to sell what they don’t use anymore.

Lost & Found is one of the most important markets and there you will find tons of hidden vintage treasures. You will have to be patient as it is usually crowded and the space, depending on the location, can be quite small, but it is still a paradise for any vintage addict.

Flea Market is another well-known market in Barcelona, which takes place every second Sunday of the month. It is more a fair, so there you will find everything from clothing and accessories to books and furniture.

Then there is Palo Alto, one of the biggest in the city, mixing fashion, music and food in a sort of carnival that keeps on going for a whole weekend.