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Written by Ksenija Rodos; Edited by Beatriz Calero

The La Roca Village is a luxury brand outlet located outside of Barcelona, which is part of the luxury outlet chain Chic Luxury Outlet Shopping with 10 villages all over Europe and China.

This shopping paradise makes your heart beating like crazy, it is like how fashionistas imagine heaven after your life on earth (and if it is, that’s our new religion!). But why are the village outlets our favourite shopping outlets out of so many out there? Well, maybe it’s the special atmosphere created by the beautiful water fountains, the cute chic cafés and restaurants everywhere in between all your favourite labels smiling at you, and of course the place by itself, which looks like a small village from a fairy tale, that makes you feel like far far away from home, in a non-existing world, where there are no rules anymore, no judgement, no stress and, basically no credit card limits.

DressedIn spent a whole day at the La Roca Village to find out about the best tips for you to create a perfect shopping day for our readers (yes, entirely selfless, it was just for you 😉 )

The La Roca Village is located about 40 km outside the Barcelona centre and apart from going there by car there are different buses taking you there.
Sagalés is an independent bus company with several bus stops in the city centre of Barcelona and there is the official Shopping Express , a bus company collaborating officially with the La Roca Village. Although the independent bus company is cheaper, we took the Shopping Express, because their bus stop at La Passeig de Gracia was the nearest to our hotel. Paying 20,00€ per person for a return trip you are having a very relaxed ride in a very comfortable and modern touring coach, where a nice lady hands you out the village map with all its stores and restaurants and the La Roca Village VIP card, which gives you a 10 % discount on everything you purchase at any boutique at the village. This VIP card is only valid one day and you can also get it for free at the information centre at the village.

After a 30 minutes ride we arrived directly at the main entrance of the outlet shopping centre we call heaven. As it was 3 of us (and we are all crazy shopaholics as you are!) we booked the hands free service at the information centre at the main entrance.  This is a simply amazing service if you’re shopping without your shopping bags carrying man (and you better do) where someone will pick-up all your shopping bags in every boutique you buy something, to collect them for you and hand them out to you just before you leave. This service costs only 9,00 € and you can use it together with you shopping buddies. Highly recommendable!
Alternatively you can check the shopping packages on the website of La Roca Village in advance, where the hands free service is also included.

As well we recommend you to check the special offers on the website in advance, as some boutiques offer some special discounts cards to download, as it was Ralph Lauren in our case with an exclusive discount of 15% on everything you purchase in their boutique.

Having your VIP-card-weapon in one hand and your hands-free-card weapon in the other, you are ready for the shopping madness: From Armani over to Burberry, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Gucci, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo (yes, you’re reading right!) and Versace, to name just a very few brands, there is everything prepared to satisfy your addiction to shopping!
One good advice: Study the map a little on your way there and choose your favourite stores and brands, as one day is barely enough to visit every single boutique. Then choose one side of the village to start and always go in one direction (we know it sounds impossible, but at least more or less in one direction). In the centre of the La Roca Village there are very nice restaurants where you can have a lunch break at the middle of your shopping day. We chose the Pasarela Restraurant, which was really nice and where you also get a 5% discount with your VIP card.

At the end of this wonderful day you probably reschedule the hour of your pick-up of your shopping bags, as we did. Therefore you just call the number shown on your hands free card and the nice lady on the phone will also reschedule for you the hour for your return bus trip.

On the relaxed return bus ride back home you will feel your legs like after a marathon (it is not without reason we call it shopping marathon!), will think about how to buy a new closet for all your new fabulous things and when to come back to La Roca Village, to visit all the boutiques you missed because you were there for only 10 hours – because one day is not enough!