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Written by Beatriz Calero

The Birkenstocks, the furry flip-flops, or the orthopaedic looking sneakers. These are just some examples of the so-called “ugly shoes´ trend”. Last in joining the list are the babouche (Moroccan style) sleepers!

Truth is, as the fashionistas (and shoe-aholics) we are, we are not afraid (at all!) in joining any fashion trend. And, with the coming of summer, we are more than prepared to go shopping a new pair of the hottest shoes of the season, the babouche sleepers!

Are you one of those who feel totally awkward by wearing a pair of high heels? Then, you are definitely in luck this summer, as the it-shoes for spring/summer 2017 are flat, pointed and pretty comfy!

Babouche sleepers were extremely fashionable some years ago (I remember to have some pairs in pastel colours and decorated with shiny jewellery!). Today, Moroccan sleepers come, either in the original style, or in renewed models that make them more modern and cosmopolite.

Although these shoes are clearly inspired in the oriental (Moroccan) style, there is no need to travel to Morocco to start using these shoes as they are landing just on our favourite stores and shopping webs. Therefore, babouches are perfect to wear both for the most cosmopolite beaches (such as the Ibiza one) but also for the city (show off your exquisite taste for shoes walking down the streets of Madrid or Barcelona).

No idea where to find your new pair of babouches? Firms and designers such as Louboutin or Malone are embracing this oriental shoe trend (as we show you in our shoe display just below). If you need to tight your budget a little, there are still amazing low-cost babouches waiting for you out there. Be the first one in getting your pair and prove how you are always a step ahead regarding fashion trends!

Here are some of the babouches we love most for this summer, from the most minimalist and basic ones to the most colourful and design alike models.

Basic babouches: to be worn during the day

Stick to blacks or neutrals to keep a relaxed and easy-going style! The best about minimalist babouches is that you can combine them with absolutely everything from a dress to a pair of jeans!


Sophisticated babouches: to be worn during the evening

This summer you will also find loads of colourful and sophisticated babouches, which are the perfect addition to your night looks! You can even have them with a small heel (if you can´t resist to use a little bit!).


Design babouches: just allowed for the trendiest fashionistas!

Fury, with flowers embroidery or even printed with the Chanel alike pattern. Here are some crazy babouche models for those fashionistas who love statement and original shoes: