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Written by Laura Antolín

In fashion —where everything always comes back— you can go from one extrem to another in just a couple of months and it is precisely what happened this season: minimalist jewelry or XS jewelry have given way to dramatic jewelry, being XXL earrings on top of the list. In last autumn/winter season we witnessed the resurrection of oversize clothes —right from the 90’s— among the street style trends and, following the premise “size matters”, oversize earrings are now the biggest fetish complement in fashion.

Yes, earrings got the dramatic treatment for spring/summer 2016, as the great maisons in fashion showed us on the runways: Prada adorned each model’s ear with embellished orbs that looked like disco ball ornaments, while Oscar de la Renta delighted us with sophisticated tassels, and Gucci surprised us all with kilometric earrings.

XXL earrings —the bigger and more outrageous the better—, become the stars of the most stylish spring looks. These accessories speak for themselves and provide a huge dose of style, making every outfit shine.

Due to its dimensions, maxi earrings have the power to add character to any outfit, even if you are wearing your regular blue jeans and a basic T-shirt, paired with, for example, a bomber jacket. For these casual looks using XXL earrings are the perfect fashion statement, especially if you choose those with glass ornaments and bright colours and tie up your hair in a ponytail or a bun, so that their magnificence is fully exposed. They will be the key of your outfit!


The effect of these earrings is multiplied in monochromatic looks, giving them dynamism and intensity and creating a beautiful aesthetic contrast. The best dressing for your outfit!

Meanwhile, baroque and outrageous earrings slip with their monumental size in the latest fashion trends, such as the off-shoulder blouse. This flirty garment with bare shoulders is the perfect tandem for XXL earrings, creating a captivating feminine image.


Of course, we can not forget hoop earrings, perhaps the most recurrent models in the universe of jewelry, which regain their oversize this season to offer us very different models combined with many ornaments, a real treat for any minimalist look!


As people always say, in fashion you should make your clothes your own, right? Well, with earrings —specially those of XXL size—, this is even more true. Integrate these accessories to your outfit and get a strong look full of attitude!