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Urban Outfitters is probably one of the most famous multi-brand and concept stores all around the world. Its shop in Barcelona opened in 2014, and it is the only Urban Outfitters in Spain, so, if you live in Barcelona or you are planning to visit the city, you have to visit it!

Urban Outfitters sells not only fashion (both for men and women), but also home items, such as decoration or music gadgets, and gifts.

Urban Outfitters style and spirit is quite alternative and hipster: People that love the brand are music lovers and travellers.

The shopping experience will include, not only the trendiest fashion and lifestyle items, but also good music and a youthful and casual atmosphere. 

Urban Outfitters is definitely the place to be for influencers in Barcelona, so you absolutely need to add it to your shopping list!

Centro Comercial El Triangle (Plaça de Catalunya 4), 08002 Barcelona

Centro Comercial El Triangle
Plaça de Catalunya 4,
08002 Barcelona
Mo – Sa 10:00 – 22:00