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Written by Ksenija Rodos

Christmas time has arrived in its full splendor, spreading the magic and love to all of us.

For fashionistas and shopaholics this time is not only about love and friends, it’s also a very special shopping season where the budgets get higher and the heels on your daily shopping-shoes lower. Although all this sounds like fun and usually this time of the year makes us really happy, it’s not always easy to be St. Claus (especially in times where wish lists only come from the youngest).

We are sure there are some of you pro’s out there creating shopping lists weeks in advance, being super creative about everything and everyone, but most of us might need a little inspiration for the perfect Christmas present. For those ones, DressedIn did the hardest job for you researching about the coolest Christmas present ideas and tells you where to get it in Barcelona, Madrid & Ibiza, but also all over the world!

Probably you will also find it the most difficult one to choose the perfect X-Mas present for the male beloved ones. Here we also made a deeper research and asked 5 guys about their biggest wishes for Christmas (see here).

Now the DressedIn team wishes you all a wonderful Christmas time and loads of fun with the shopping madness!

1. Christmas presents for your best friend








2. Christmas presents for your boyfriend








3. Christmas presents for your brother








4. Christmas presents for your dad








5. Christmas presents for your sister








6. Christmas presents for your mom