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Written by Ksenija Rodos

The political situation is driving celebrities to make a clear statement for months already, which in times of Social Media is easier than ever before. The new president of America is encouraging a new wave of feminism, where women have the feeling to stand up for their rights and make clear, that every woman on earth has the power to be independent.
And fashion has always been a great way to express feelings and opinions! Just remember Mary Quant, launching the mini skirt in times of feminism in the 6o-ies or Coco Chanel, who might stand for the biggest feminism expression in fashion so far, releasing women from the corset, wearing the ‘boyfriend-style’ in the 20-ies and early 30-ies.

Now celebrities like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Natalie Portman and fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni (just to name a few) are wearing statement t-shirt’s, to express their mind and to encourage other women all around the world, to stand up for their rights and make a clear statement as well. And well, it works!

Dior picked up the trend and came just in time with their new collection of statement shirt’s, which they also presented at their last fashion show in Paris in September, where they presented the new line for autumn / spring 2017. This show was actually Dior’s first show with Maria Grazia Chiuri as the creative director for Dior, actually the brand’s first female creative director ever!
Additionally they support this collection with a big marketing campagne, filling their Social Media Channels with their main statement slogan ‘We should all be feminists”.
That’s a perfect combination for picking up the vibe of the most faithful clients in the fashion industry: women!

So become part of the movement and get you statement T-Shirt for the summer now!