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Written by Laura Antolín

From the intimacy of the bedroom to the pure exhibitionism in the streets, what we used as underwear and nightwear, we’ll use it now as outerwear and daywear too — the boundaries between public and private have never been so blurry! That’s how the slip dress is defined this season.

Lingerie stores must be rubbing their hands because intimate clothes have become the ultimate thing. Even classic pyjamas — yes, those monocholor or printed satin shirt and pants that we could perfectly find on our grandparents’ wardrobe — can be seen today on the stores’ tracks like any other clothes ready to wear on the streets. So following the same logic, slipping on a sensual nightgown is totally in at the moment!

The nightwear-as-daywear trend is a 90’s revival — another more, remember the statement earrings, the patches for clothes and the bomber jackets —, and we all know its biggest fan ever: Kate Moss. The top model that barely started her career back then became the party queen with a minimal slip dress and no accessories to be seen anywhere — she didn’t need them though, the effect she caused was extremely effective on its own.

But she was not the only one that relied on the dress. Gwyneth Paltrow also loved it. Everytime there was an event she had to assist, she had no doubts on what to wear: a slip dress. She even received her Oscar in 1999 on a pink slip dress designed by Ralph Lauren. Today there are other actresses and celebrities who wear the dress, being Sienna Miller, Rooney Mara and Rihanna the main heirs of the look — every one of them with their own style, of course.

Likewise, spring/summer 2016 left us different proposals where the slip dress was the main attraction. Gucci, Céline, Givenchy and Calvin Klein brought into the catwalk languid dresses and nightwear-inspired silhouttes, out of nostalgia and inspiration for the 90’s big style moments and muses.

However, although celebrities and fashion designers insist the slip dress is the new it-dress, we have to admit the little dress is complicated, to say the least. It is made of such fine tissues, and mostly satin, that they’ll mark the fabrics of almost any underwear — to be creative or to be bold, that is the question.

Putting into practice the premise of “less is more”, the lingerie look is also the enemy of stridency, so you’ll have to take care down to the smallest details not to fall into an overloaded outfit and avoid too many accessories. On the other hand, the so-called new minimal dress is the perfect match of lace lingerie, oversize blazers, leather and bomber jackets, flat shoes (also masculine) and minimal jewelry. But there are also unexpected ways to wear slip dresses that you might not have thought of: from layering the dress over a T-shirt to pair it with jeans to make it look like a tunic. Or just tie a plaid shirt around your waist and pair with combat boots for a grunge look!

Say yes to the slip dress and get the minimal aesthetic!