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Written by Laura Antolín

A whole sports, fitness and healthy culture has arisen in the past few years since more and more people are taking great care of their body — and mind — by practicing sports and fitness activities like yoga and following a balanced and low-fat diet. This habit has spread like wildfire and today going to the gym has become part of the daily routine for all those who consider looking and feeling good as important as simply breathing.

And fashion – that can be sometimes really practical — reflected this lifestyle on a new wave of sports and activewear — remember it was already a hot trend in the 90’s. Fashion takes a step forward and becomes now more comfy and sporty than ever, making our lives a whole lot easier — we must admit it — and erasing almost completely the line between what’s strictly fashion and what’s practical as sportswear. The gym look — add the term “athleisure” to your fashion vocabulary if you haven’t done it yet — is the coolest thing in the street style scene at the moment, even if you don’t really enjoy the working out part…

But a — comprehensive — question can bother you: “Can we really wear sportswear like track pants and still be fashionable?”. Dear fashionistas, the answer may surprise you, but yes, you can! Fashion has proved to be more than prepared to take this challenge with awesome combinations that will catch your attention right away. Now, do you want to see how to turn your track pants around and get a new and fresh look? Keep reading!

Make them ultra-feminine! You like the trend, but want to give it a chic twist? No problem! Nothing will add more glamour to your look like a pair of high-heels, and go crazy with girly accessories like a small clutch and feminine jewelry for a bigger impact.


Total look. You are completely in love with the trend, as a whole — why using only track pants when you could use a tracksuit? Match with sneakers and take a cool bag for an outfit with a load of attitude.

Formal + informal. Have you ever wondered what would be the result of mixing formal and informal pieces in one outfit? You just need to match your track pants with a nice blazer and a plain T-shirt. The blazer will offset with the casual flair of the pants and will give you a clean look perfect for your working meetings if you pair with high-heels and choose the right accessories.


Choose your statement print. From animal to floral or geometries, the print options are many as well as the possible combinations. Try a classic leopard pattern, for example, and complement with subtle accessories, or do the full look by wearing pants and a top with the same print — ethnic patterns are always a winning choice. Try and test to make a fashion statement!

Get the sexy look. You probably think tracksuit pants aren’t the sexiest clothing out there, and you may have a point, but in fashion everything depends on how you well you match. If you want to make sexiness happen, pair your track pants with a bandeau or a crop top and wear with an open jacket, or just take it off if it’s too hot.


Comfy, stylish, chic, sexy… How are you gonna style your track pants?


Brands from the first outfit: Adidas by Stella McCartney, Live the process, Hummel, Nike Performance, Frends y Picard.

Brands from the second outfit: Raquel Allegra, Guess, Equipment, Sence Copenhagen, Michael Michael Kors y Zign.

Brands from the third outfit: O’Neill, Steve & Yoni P, Eddie Borgo, Skagen y DKNY.