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Written by Laura Antolín

We are sure you’ve already mastered the art of jeans, being a pro at choosing the best ones for your body and we bet you have your wardrobe full of denims that look amazing on you. But shorts are a whole different story. They are a basic clothing piece in summer, but getting the right ones for your body type it’s not so simple. In fact, they can become your nemesis. They can be tricky enough to play against you and make visible some parts of your body you don’t want to show. In other words, they don’t flatter your figure. The thing is that it is complicated to find a pair of shorts that emphasize your best features and minimize your not-so-ideal ones, as they don’t provide as much coverage as jeans or pants.

When choosing shorts, first of all, you need to make sure they are not too tight – they should lay smoothly. Likewise, it is key to find the perfect balance between the upper part and the lower one. It’s all about the silhouette! That’s why in DressedIn Barcelona we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to choose the right shorts based on your silhouette. Take note!

Straight. Women with a straight body are quite thin and don’t have a curvy figure. Therefore, the idea is to play with all the possibilities and choose those shorts that will give you volume. Go for colourful and printed shorts with pockets, pleats or embellishments to create a curvier appearance and pair them with off-the shoulder or V-neck tops to create the effect of a fuller bust.


Oval. Unlike straight silhouettes, women with this body type should stick to simple shorts in solid colours and with few embellishments or any at all. Longs shorts, like bermudas, will make your thighs look smaller, while shorter shorts will make your legs appear longer. It is up to you! Combine them with tops that flare at the hip.

Hourglass. Women with an hourglass silhouette have a well-balanced body with a beautifully defined waist. Pure harmony! You can wear almost any shorts you want: A-line shorts will make your legs look longer, while mid-length and knee-length will create a slimmer appearance in the legs. Match with solid and lightweight tops or T-shirts.

Pear. Are you pear-shaped? Then, look for shorts that highlight the narrowest part of your body, simulating a more hourglass silhouette. Good options are slim fitting and high-waisted shorts, but you should avoid shorts with details, such as pockets, prints and ribbons. The more simple the better. Balance the simplicity of your lower part with a colourful and a catchy top.


Apple. Apple types should draw attention to their legs and minimize their waistline. So show off your legs and balance your shape with tailored shorts with a wide waistline and pair with flowing tops for a visually slimmer belly!

Run to your favourite fashion store and get now the perfect shorts for your body!

Outfit 1: Michael Michael Kors, Versace Jeans, Isapera Mykonos, Cosmoparis, Cluse.

Outfit 2: Red Valentino, Chloé, Gianvito Rossi, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger