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Written by Beatriz Calero

For any fashionista, it is quite difficult to decide who are the best of the best in the fashion world. All of them made huge contributions not only to fashion’s history but also to society in general.
Today, we tell you about fashion designers that definitely changed our way of dressing, thinking and living!

Discover who created these staple pieces you love so much. You may learn A LOT about fashion history today:


Mary Quant and the mini-skirt (1960):

Not many designers changed fashion history as Mary Quant did. She absolutely revolutionized the way women were dressing at the time (and still today!). Women started showing their legs, something that was absolutely related with feminism and with the start of women liberation.
Still today, the mini-skirt is one of best-seller pieces of clothing all around the world!


Cacharel and the fitted blouses for women (1963):

Jean Bousquet founded Cacharel in 1962 in the southern French city of Nîmes. Cacharel first iconic piece was the liberty-print fitted blouse, which actually put the brand firmly on the fashion map.
The staple blouse became fashion house’s emblematic piece and the must-have fashion item that featured in every woman’s wardrobe in the 1960s and 1970s.


Yves Saint Laurent and the tuxedos for women (1966):

In 1966, when the view of a lady wearing pants was still considered inappropriate and weird, YSL created the Tuxedo or the so-called Smoking for women. Today, tuxedo is a perfect alternative to Coco Chanel’s LBD (when we, ladies, don’t want to wear a skirt or a dress for an event or a party). Tuxedo is also quite used for women to go to work. To sum up, it has become a must-have for any elegant, sophisticated and chic fashionista!


Azzedine Alaia introduced leather as a ready-to-wear material (1970):

Azzedine Alaia is and always has been more than a fashion designer, but an artist! Alaia’s style is absolutely recognizable: the most important for him as a designer is the silhouette (he changed the perception of women’s bodies at the time) and materials: leather is his top material! Therefore, he created haute couture luxurious gowns made in leather, but also introduced leather as the main material for his ready-to-wear collections.


Sonia Rykiel, Queen of the Stich (1947):

Rykiel invented quite a lot of things in the fashion world: She created the visible stitches on clothes (stitches visible from outside of the piece), first sophisticated velvet leggings, first t-shirts with slogans, and her absolutely recognizable sweaters with colorful horizontal stripes, among other things.
She also was the first fashion designer in filming one of her fashion shows, something quite innovative at the time. All in all, she was an absolute fashion pioneer!


Levi’s, Jeans for everyone:

Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis created the first blue jean in 1873. This first pant was the original 501 jean, but it didn’t have that name at the time.
Jean pants are so comfy and versatile, they soon became the favorite trousers for almost anyone around the world! Today, it is quite complicated to find a piece of clothing as embraced, worn and loved as jeans. No doubt jeans are a staple piece inside anyone´s wardrobe!


Kenzo and colorful clothes for men (1983):

As you probably know, Kenzo´s style consists on absolutely colorful clothes, original prints and statement items in general. Thanks to Kenzo, men – who at the time still wore simple, minimalist and more discrete clothes – started wearing colorful clothes and having a more active role on the fashion world!


Jean Paul Gaultier and the Skirt for men (1985):

J.P.Gaultier was the first fashion designer in showcasing men skirts up on the runways in 1985. Some of the most influential people of the fashion industry considered this as one of the most interesting and innovative things that happened in fashion in the XX century! As Gaultier himself explained, putting a man into a skirt is not only about fashion but it is a symbol: “it is about blurring gender roles”.


Alexander McQueen and the low-cut jeans (1993):

Low-cut jeans or Bumsters (as they are actually known) are one of McQueen’s introductions in the fashion industry. He broke with the high-rise trend and the low-rise trousers became the most desired pants at the time.
At first, it was quite shocking to see these Bumsters at the runways, but soon any girl on the street were wearing them!