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Written by Laura Antolín

Festival season was officially inaugurated with Coachella in April – probably the most stylish festival on the planet or, at least, the one with more celebrities as public. But we don’t need to cross the ocean to enjoy hours — and days — of live performances outdoors. Arenal Sound in Castellón, FIB in Benicassim or Glastonbury in England are just a few of the music festivals that are true attractions for music lovers in Europe. What an experience!

Indeed, music festivals have become the star event of the season, and nowadays we can’t even imagine a summer without them. Organizers bring us every edition more and bigger surprises that open our eyes like saucers and “force” us to go. How could we miss the chance to see some of our favourite musicians live and enjoy the many parallel activities offered? In short, how could we say no to an experience like this? And with our friends!

Whether you’re a die-hard music fanatic or you’re just there for the atmosphere, one thing is for sure: you need the perfect outfit! You probably want to have the best time of your life and you can only do this if you prepare everything in advance. So follow our essentials for a memorable music festival and let all your worries slip away!

Comfy shoes. It may be a music festival, but you need to think you’re going to be walking a lot, and most important, in the sun, in the heat and surrounded by thousands of other people. So it’d be a good idea to consider comfortable footwear such as chucks, flat sandals, ankle boots or gumboots — you never know what could happen, and if it rains, you won’t like to get muddy.


Sunglasses are a must. A music festival is the perfect occasion to sport those cool sunglasses you have in your drawer dead of boredom — why not heart-shaped sunglasses?

Besides, sunnies cannot only be stylish, but also the perfect shield against the sun during the day and the dust when the winds pick up. Don’t you dare to leave them at home!

Cross-body bags. Were you thinking you could go to a festival without a bag? Really? We know carrying a bag around the whole day is tiresome, but that’s why cross-body bags or backpacks exist! Pick a small or medium one and take all your indispensables with you — sunscreen, hair ties, cash…

Layer up! Temperatures go up and down, you will feel hot in the crowd during the concerts, but it can get very chilly while you sit or relax. Make sure you have an extra layer that goes with your outfit and don’t take the risk to get a cold!

Comfort comes first. You might want to wear designer and fancy items, but don’t do it if you appreciate them — they can be stolen or ruined because of the weather conditions. In music festivals you need to think about comfort first, and denim clothes would be a great choice: comfortable and easy to wear! Match your denim shorts with a crochet top and ankle boots, for instance.


Top it off! Of course flower crowns are beautiful, feminine and cool, but hats are also very fashionable and they have that extra sun protection that you’ll need. You can choose a stylish fedora or a simple straw Panama.

Statement pieces. Festival fashion is all about accessories, and this is when you need to be creative. Choose your winner earrings, bracelets and hair accessories, or just make something cool with your hair and let it be the focus of your look — a fishtail braid, for example.

Go easy on your make-up. If you don’t want to ruin your make-up, just don’t wear it, or at least don’t go overboard! Just wear a light foundation and some blush and you’ll be ready!

Get your essentials and have fun at your next music festival this summer!

If you’re going to a music festival and need inspiration for your outfit, check out these shops: Even&Odd, Cutler and Gross and Aldo if you liked the first outfit. But if you prefer the second one, you can’t miss these shops: Kate Moss for Equipment, Buffalo and Sweet Deluxe.