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Written by Laura Antolín

With the return of the chocker, bomber jackets and fashionable patches, it was about time that the logo obsession made a comeback. This phenomenom that we’re dubbing “logomania” was a big hit in the 90’s in an attempt to enhance the feeling of belonging to an exclusive social group. From bags to T-shirts, belts or sweatpants, big firms relied on designs emblazoned with logos, dressing buyers as if they were billboards. But this logo display later became too much to bear and a minimalist and subtle luxury took charge, until today.

In 2016 logo’s and signatures prints have become a true statement again, as we saw in the fashion runways with Lanvin, Vetements —who introduced the unforgettable DHL T-shirt on its ss16 collection—, DKNY or even restrained brands like Loewe placing their logos everywhere. But the special thing about logomania this time is that it is not a question of status or ostentatiousness anymore, but a show of playful irony and, what makes it more unusual: brands are using logos that are not theirs, as in the case of Moschino, which took it to a whole new level: Moschino ft. Sponge Bob, Moschino ft. McDonald’s, Moschino ft. Barbie —who knows what else Jeremy Scott has for us? Same thing did Anya Hindmarch, adopting cereals brands or from supermarkets like Carrefour in her fashion collections.

Likewise, editors, bloggers and celebrities have embraced the trend, pulling off tees printed with Tommy Hilfiger or wearing Chanel bags with a very visual logo —bigger than the storied double C.

Whether the trend is an act of irony or a sympton of nostalgia for the 90’s, what we know for sure is that brand iconography in 2016 is very much alive and a bolder statement than ever. In DressedIn Madrid we encouraged you to try the look yourself and decide for yourself! It is as simple as wearing a logo printed bag, a belt or a total printed look if you are looking for a bigger impact. What do you think? Will you become a logo lover?