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Written by Ksenija Rodos

Spring is finally arriving and so are the trends for the warmer weather in 2017. Time to lock away your warm scarfs, gloves and cashmere pieces and take out your sunglasses and light fabrics.
Designers and fashion influencers create new trends for us every year, which we can change with every season of the year. If that’s not a good reason for a nice shopping trip, what could it be?!

We collected all the key trends for spring 2017 which you can put on your shopping list:


The in-between jacket

Mostly in spring it is too warm to wear your winter jacket, still not warm enough to go just without. Of course, in Spain it gets really sunny and warm during the day, but as soon as the sun disappears or it gets slightly breezy, you will be happy to add a light jacket or coat to your outfit.
In 2017 capes are a big thing! They were part of loads of fashion shows for the 2017 collections and make a must-have for this year! The good thing about capes is that you can wear it to every occasion: Great for your office outfit and cool enough for your weekend street style look.

Spring trends 2017 capes




Backless sweaters and shirts

‘A beautiful back can also delight’ is the motto of 2017. For spring backless shirts, sweaters and pullover will be the eye catcher of your outfit! This sexy cut makes every boring sweater look stylish and interesting and upgrades your outfit directly! No idea what kind of bra to wear with it? Here are the best tricks!

Spring trends 2017 backless shirt


Capri pants

We all remember ourselves wearing capri trousers in the 90’s and as we all know the 90’s are the comeback of the trend setters nowadays. Mr. Karl Lagerfeld himself brought back the capri trousers trend in his current Coco Chanel collection and of course, like always, if Karl says something, everyone obeys! So we have a wide selection of brands and designers, whoi made the old school capri pants look fashionable for spring.

Spring trends 2017 capri pants


Shoe trend: Bows, rhinestones, pearls and feathers

Our shoes become really trendy this spring! After Puma posted their new ‘basket’ sneakers on Instagram with its big girly bows, they were sold out on their website within minutes! But not only Puma takes the girly trend: All type of sneakers, loafers and high-heels are decorated with all kind of childish adornments. A great trend for a little do-it-yourself session, by the way.

Spring trends 2017 decorated shoes


Cross body bags

It was the bucket bags in 2015 / 2016 and now the trend still stays with cross body bags, but we are going away from the boho style and coming back to the elegant style of bags. They are angular and classy. You can have them in all type of sizes and mostly they come with a chain (and a designer label in the front). Leather and suede leather are dominating this bag trend and they come in every colour. A very comfortable and stylish accessory to make every outfit complete!

Spring trends 2017 shoulder bags


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